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The FFH4X Mod Menu APK is a popular modification for Garena Free Fire designed to give players a significant edge through an array of cheats & hacks. This mod menu offers features such as Aimbot V2 VIP ESP Name & Wall Hack which enhance your aiming precision provide player information & allow you to see through walls respectively. Additionally, the FFH4X Mod Menu includes unique capabilities like Anti-Blacklist Wukong Invisible & Speed Hack 100% ensuring that players can remain undetected while moving faster than their opponents. These enhancements transform the gaming experience making it more accessible & enjoyable, especially for those who struggle with the game’s difficulty curve.

Beyond its impressive list of features the FFH4X Mod Menu APK is user-friendly & easy to install. The APK file is lightweight meaning it won’t take up much space on your device and it includes the full game along with the mod menus so you don’t need to install the game separately. Moreover, the mod is available for free catering specifically to Android users who are comfortable with using unofficial sources. With its inbuilt mod menus & compatibility with both rooted & non-rooted devices running Android 5 to 11, the FFH4X Mod Menu APK is a versatile tool that enhances gameplay without any additional cost or complicated setup making it a valuable asset for any Free Fire enthusiast.

Interface of FFH4X Mod Menu APK Updated Version:

The updated interface of the FFH4X Mod Menu APK is designed with user convenience & efficiency in mind. Upon launching the application users are greeted with a sleek & intuitive dashboard that categorizes cheats & hacks into easily navigable sections. This organized layout allows players to quickly find & activate their desired features without having to sift through cluttered menus. Each cheat is accompanied by a brief description & toggle switch making it simple to understand & enable specific functionalities such as Aimbot ESP or Speed Hack. The clean design ensures that even new users can navigate the interface with ease enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, the updated version includes real-time feedback & customization options allowing users to adjust settings according to their preferences. For instance, players can modify the sensitivity of the Aimbot or set specific parameters for the ESP features to tailor the gameplay experience to their liking. The interface also supports multiple languages catering to a diverse global user base. Additionally, a dedicated help section provides comprehensive guides & troubleshooting tips ensuring that users can resolve any issues they encounter. Overall the updated interface of the FFH4X Mod Menu APK not only enhances functionality but also prioritizes user-friendliness making it a robust tool for gamers looking to elevate their Free Fire experience.

FFH4X Mod Menu APK Details:

A1 Features of FFH4X Mod Menu APK:

  • Aimbot V2 VIP: This advanced aimbot feature significantly improves your shooting accuracy. It automatically locks onto enemies ensuring that your shots hit their mark with minimal effort. The VIP version offers enhanced precision & smoother aiming mechanics giving players a distinct advantage in firefights.
  • ESP Name: The ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) Name feature allows you to see the names of players through walls & other obstacles. This cheat is crucial for strategic planning as it helps you identify the positions of opponents & teammates making it easier to track & engage enemies.
  • Wall Hack: Wall Hack enables you to see through solid objects such as walls & buildings. This feature gives you a significant tactical advantage by revealing enemy locations & movements that would otherwise be hidden. It allows for preemptive strikes & better defensive positioning.
  • Anti-Blacklist: Anti-Blacklist ensures that your account remains safe from being blacklisted by the game’s security systems. This feature works by masking your cheating activities reducing the risk of detection & allowing you to play with peace of mind.
  • Wukong Invisible: This unique feature renders your character invisible making it extremely difficult for enemies to detect you. Whether you’re ambushing opponents or escaping dangerous situations Wukong Invisible provides a powerful tool for gaining the upper hand.
  • Speed Hack 100%: Speed Hack increases your movement speed allowing you to traverse the map quickly & evade enemies or close in on targets swiftly. This feature is particularly useful for surprise attacks & rapid escapes giving you a mobility edge over other players.
  • Anti-Ban: Anti-Ban is a critical feature that protects your account from being banned by the game developers. It employs sophisticated techniques to hide your use of cheats ensuring that your account remains secure while you enjoy the mod’s advantages.
  • No Password/Login: This feature simplifies access to the mod by eliminating the need for a password or login. You can start using the mod menu immediately after installation making it convenient & user-friendly. This ease of access ensures that players can quickly & effortlessly enhance their gaming experience.


The FFH4X Mod Menu APK offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to significantly enhance the gaming experience for Garena Free Fire players. With advanced tools such as Aimbot V2 VIP ESP Name & Wall Hack players gain precise control & superior tactical awareness allowing for more strategic gameplay. The inclusion of Anti-Blacklist & Anti-Ban features provides robust security measures to protect user accounts while the Wukong Invisible & Speed Hack 100% features offer unique advantages in combat scenarios. The mod’s user-friendly interface and the absence of password or login requirements further simplify access & use.

In summary, the FFH4X Mod Menu APK is a powerful & versatile tool that caters to both novice & experienced players looking to elevate their Free Fire experience. Its combination of advanced cheats robust security features & ease of use make it an invaluable asset. Whether you’re aiming for higher ranks or simply looking to enjoy a more effortless gaming experience the FFH4X Mod Menu APK delivers on all fronts transforming the way you play Garena Free Fire.

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