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The Nix Toolkit APK is a smart app that boosts Nix Sensor devices like the Nix Mini Nix Pro Nix QC & Nix Spectro. It helps you scan save & share colors easily. With a user-friendly interface, this app offers powerful tools for pros & hobbyists. Whether you’re a designer matching colors or a QC specialist ensuring color accuracy the app’s single scan feature gives exact digital values in CIELAB HEX & RGB. Nix Spectro users get a spectral curve display for detailed color analysis.

The Nix Toolkit goes beyond basic scanning. It connects you to top color libraries like Pantone RAL & NCS through paid subscriptions. This helps you quickly find matching colors. You can also create & share your color libraries which is handy if you use Nix Pro Spectro or QC devices. Additional features like multipoint average scanning Nix Paints & Nix Quality Control make the app even more useful for managing colors accurately. With ongoing updates for connectivity account management & bug fixes the Nix Toolkit guarantees a smooth & dependable experience for users.

Interface of Nix Toolkit APK Updated Version:

The Nix Toolkit APK has a fresh new look making it easier for you to use. The home screen is neatly arranged for quick access to key functions like single scan & multipoint average scanning. It adjusts to your Nix device showing relevant features in a clear layout. You can now choose dark or light mode to suit your style or device settings making the app more readable & reducing eye strain.

We’ve made it easier for you to move around the app. We’ve improved how Bluetooth devices are found & connected creating a smooth connection between the Nix Toolkit & Nix Sensor. Updates to sign-up & log-in screens simplify starting & managing your account. These changes along with fixing some small bugs enhance your experience. Our interface allows you to handle & study colors more accurately. This makes the Nix Toolkit essential for design manufacturing & quality control pros.

Nix Toolkit APK Details:

A1 Features of Nix Toolkit APK:

  • Single Scan Functionality: The Nix Toolkit has a cool feature – a single scan tool. It helps you grab & study colors accurately with your Nix Sensor device. After scanning you get color values in CIELAB HEX & RGB formats for precise color matching.
  • Multipoint Average Scanning: With this feature you can do multipoint average scanning which boosts color accuracy by checking many points in a sample. It helps keep color matching consistent on different surfaces & textures.
  • Premium Databases: When you subscribe you gain access to top-notch color databases like Pantone RAL & NCS. This makes it easy for you to find & match scanned colors with those in these extensive collections.
  • Custom Library Creation & Sharing: The Nix Toolkit lets users especially those owning Nix Pro Spectro & QC devices make personalized color libraries. You can share these libraries with others making color sharing & work smoother.
  • Nix Paints Feature: The Nix Paints feature lets you browse a wide range of paint colors. It helps you easily match colors for different painting tasks. This tool makes it simple to find the right paint color for the results you want.
  • Nix Quality Control Feature: For professionals in quality control & manufacturing the Nix Quality Control feature offers tools to maintain color consistency. It simplifies color inspection reducing errors & boosting efficiency. This tool is designed to make your work smoother & more precise.
  • Customizable Interface: The app lets you customize with dark or light mode so you can adjust the interface to suit your taste or sync with your device’s settings. This makes it easier to read in various lighting.
  • Seamless Connectivity & Account Management: The Nix Toolkit makes it easy for you to connect your app with Nix Sensor devices. It enhances Bluetooth discovery & connection. The app simplifies account management too. Sign-up & login pages are now smoother helping you create & manage your accounts effortlessly.


The Nix Toolkit APK is a must-have tool for anyone working with colors. It’s handy for designers hobbyists & pros. Its advanced features like precise single scan multipoint average scanning & access to premium color databases help you get accurate results easily. You can create & share custom color libraries & use specific tools like Nix Paints & Nix Quality Control. The app is easy to use with settings you can adjust & seamless device connection. It’s a great companion to the Nix Sensor devices offering reliable & professional-grade performance with regular updates.

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