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Enhance your Garena Free Fire journey with the PS Team Mod Menus APK. Designed for Free Fire fans this mod menu offers premium benefits & unique features at no cost. Created by the team at @CNU Tech YouTube channel this mod provides advantages like Automatic Aim & White Body enhancements. With ad-blocking & anti-ban features enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Dive into Free Fire with the PS Team Mod Menus APK for an enhanced gaming experience.

Discover the ultimate gaming experience with the PS Team Mod Menus APK made exclusively for Free Fire enthusiasts. Crafted by the experts at @CNU Tech YouTube channel this mod menu offers game-changing features like Automatic Aim & Fast Punch. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Free Fire this mod menu caters to all with its user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to interruptions & embrace endless hours of gameplay. Join the future of Free Fire gaming with the PS Team Mod Menus APK.

Interface of PS Team Mod Menus APK Updated Version:

The PS Team Mod Menus APK’s updated version boasts an interface that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics aiming to elevate user experience. Upon opening the app users encounter a sleek dashboard featuring vibrant graphics & clear icons facilitating easy navigation through menu options. The layout is well-structured with separate sections for various features ensuring simple accessibility. Each feature comes with concise descriptions & tooltips offering clear instructions on usage. Whether activating Automatic Aim or enabling White Body enhancements all functions are easily accessible with a tap empowering users to tailor their gameplay experience.

Additionally, the updated version introduces improvements such as enhanced responsiveness & smoother screen transitions making navigation more fluid. Customizable themes & color schemes allow users to personalize their interface while detailed tutorials cater to users of all skill levels. The interface of the updated PS Team Mod Menus APK embodies a harmonious blend of usability & design setting a new standard for mod menu interfaces in the gaming community.

PS Team Mod Menus APK Details:

A1 Features of PS Team Mod Menus APK:

  • Automatic Aim: This feature automatically aims at opponents improving accuracy & increasing the chances of securing kills. It gives players a competitive edge in battles by eliminating the need for manual aiming.
  • Fast Punch: With Fast Punch players can deliver punches at an accelerated rate allowing for quicker takedowns of enemies in close combat situations. It enhances the player’s agility & effectiveness in melee combat.
  • White Body Enhancements: White Body enhancements make opponents more visible by highlighting their outlines in white even through obstacles or in low-light conditions. This feature aids in spotting enemies quickly & gaining a tactical advantage during gameplay.
  • Ad-blocking Services: The mod menu includes ad-blocking services preventing intrusive advertisements from interrupting gameplay. Players can enjoy uninterrupted sessions without distractions or disruptions caused by ads.
  • Anti-ban Security System: The mod menu incorporates an anti-ban security system safeguarding players from being banned by game developers for using mods. This ensures a risk-free gaming experience allowing players to use mod features without fear of repercussions.
  • Unlimited Weapons: Players have access to unlimited weapons through the mod menu eliminating the need to collect or purchase firearms during gameplay. This feature provides players with a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from enhancing their combat capabilities.
  • Customizable Themes: The mod menu offers customizable themes & color schemes allowing players to personalize the interface according to their preferences. This feature adds a level of personalization to the gaming experience making it more immersive & enjoyable.
  • Comprehensive Tutorials: Detailed tutorials & guides are included in the mod menu to help players understand & utilize its features effectively. Whether they are new to modding or experienced players these tutorials ensure that all users can make the most out of the mod menu’s capabilities.

The PS Team Mod Menus APK provides players with a diverse range of features that enhance gameplay improve performance & elevate the overall gaming experience in Garena Free Fire.


The PS Team Mod Menus APK stands as a pinnacle of innovation & convenience for Garena Free Fire enthusiasts. With its array of features like Automatic Aim Fast Punch & White Body enhancements players are empowered to dominate the battlefield with unparalleled precision & agility. The inclusion of ad-blocking services & an anti-ban security system ensures uninterrupted gameplay & a risk-free experience. Moreover, customizable themes & comprehensive tutorials cater to the diverse needs of players making the mod menu accessible to all. As gaming evolves the PS Team Mod Menus APK sets a new standard for modding interfaces delivering a seamless blend of functionality & user-centric design.

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