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Moto Wheelie 3D APK is crafted by Anderson Horita a game that has captivated mobile gaming enthusiasts. This simulation game delivers an exhilarating adventure for those who crave the excitement of performing daring motorcycle wheelies. Featuring engaging gameplay & lifelike graphics this new game is a must-try for gaming enthusiasts. Since its launch five weeks ago the game has skyrocketed in popularity & garnered an impressive number of downloads. In the past 30 days alone Moto Wheelie 3D has been downloaded approximately 1 million times a clear indicator of its widespread appeal & addictive gameplay. Give it a spin & join the growing community of fans who have embraced this thrilling mobile gaming experience.

Explore the app version of Moto Wheelie 3D for a smooth gaming experience on your Android device. Dive into the Thrill of motorcycle stunts, Executing impressive wheelies, and Testing your skills. The game’s lifelike physics & impressive graphics enhance the authenticity of each wheelie & provide an immersive gaming adventure. If you are an online gaming lover then we have posted another best game Botworld Adventure stands out as an exciting online game to make the most of your free time.

Get ready for non-stop fun with this game packs multiple challenging levels and a range of motorcycles for endless entertainment. Whether you are a gaming pro OR new to Motorcycle simulations, Moto Wheelie 3D APK guarantees an exciting experience that will hook you in. So, gear up start your engine, and brace yourself for an adrenaline-packed adventure with this amazing game.

Graphics in Moto Wheelie 3D APK Updated Version:

In the latest Moto Wheelie 3D APK update the graphics have received a significant boost to provide players with a more realistic & engaging gaming adventure. Developer Anderson Horita has dedicated extensive effort to crafting visually stunning elements that immediately captivate players. The graphics in Moto Wheelie 3D are Vivid, Detailed, and Remarkably lifelike. From intricately designed motorcycles to dynamic environments & dazzling lighting effects the attention to detail is remarkable.

Whether you are speeding through bustling city streets or pulling off daring stunts in the countryside Moto Wheelie 3D’s graphics breathe life into the game & leave players astonished. The updated APK version elevates the already impressive graphics to new heights & ensures players are completely absorbed in the Moto Wheelie 3D world. With its visually striking graphics, this simulation game delivers an unmatched gaming experience that will undoubtedly entice players for more.

Moto Wheelie 3D APK Details:

A1 Features of Moto Wheelie 3D APK:

Moto Wheelie 3D APK created by Anderson Horita has gained significant popularity in the mobile gaming community over the past five weeks. With an outstanding download count of around 1 million in just 30 days this simulation game has attracted both motorcycle enthusiasts & gamers. Now, let us explore the top-notch features of this A1 game that set it apart from other motorcycle simulation games:

Realistic Motorcycle Physics:

Experience accurate physics for lifelike wheelies & stunts.

Stunning Graphics:

Immerse yourself in a visually impressive world with detailed environments.

Variety of Motorcycles:

Choose from a diverse range with unique characteristics & customization.

Challenging Tracks:

Test your skills on City streets, Desert highways, and Mountain terrains.

Smooth Controls:

Enjoy intuitive & responsive controls for full motorcycle control.

Different Game Modes:

Try time trials, Challenges, and Races for hours of thrilling entertainment.

Customization Options:

Personalize your ride with paint Colors, Decals, and Upgrades.

Realistic Sound Effects:

Feel the adrenaline with engine roars & tire screeches.

Leaderboards & Achievements:

Compete globally & unlock achievements for bragging rights.


Endless exploration & challenges ensure high replay value.

In-App Purchases:

Enhance your experience with additional content through purchases.

Regular Updates:

Stay engaged with fresh Features, Tracks, and Motorcycles.

Social Sharing:

Share your achievements & stunts on social media.

Offline Play:

Enjoy the game without an internet connection for on-the-go gaming.

Optimal Performance:

Smooth gameplay on a wide range of devices.

Engaging Tutorials:

Accessible for both new & experienced gamers.

Realistic Damage System:

Consequences for crashes affecting motorcycle performance.

Immersive Audio:

Captivating sound effects & soundtrack.

User-Friendly Interface:

Easy navigation for seamless gameplay.

Developer Support:

Ongoing support & improvements from developer Anderson Horita.

Moto Wheelie 3D APK offers an immersive motorcycle simulation experience & gaining rapid popularity. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride with its impressive features. Strap on your helmet & enjoy the thrill.

Download and install Moto Wheelie 3D APK:

  1. Click the download link at the top of our website to start this app.
  2. Enable/Allow installing apps from unknown sources in your device/mobile settings.
  3. Click the downloaded file to install.
  4. Follow on screen instructions to complete.
  5. After installation enjoy the games.


Moto Wheelie 3D is an exciting simulation game that is capturing players worldwide. Developed by Anderson Horita it provides an exhilarating experience of performing daring wheelie stunts on a motorcycle. With realistic graphics & smooth gameplay it is gained popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Released as an app 5 weeks ago this unique game has seen an impressive number of downloads & hitting approximately 1 million in just 30 days showcasing its broad appeal & addictive gameplay.

If you enjoy motorcycle simulations & love performing stunts this game is worth trying. Challenging levels, Stunning visuals, and User-friendly controls make it an engaging gaming experience. Take a break from your routine & dive into Moto Wheelie 3D’s world. Download the game now for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will keep you hooked for hours. Rev up your engines & showcase your wheelie skills in this exciting virtual realm.

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